Christian Dorsett, Entertainment Writer

“Bleach TYBW” episode three picks up with immediate action. Ichigo and Nel find three defeated Arrancar and an enemy standing over them. It wasn’t long before Ichigo and this enemy (Quincy) captain began their fight.

As the fight begins, it seems as if Ichigo has the upper hand until the captain transforms and powers up. The captain quickly started to overpower Ichigo. The three were defeated when Arrancar awakened to help Ichigo fight the captain. This four-versus-one situation forces the captain to use his final transformation. Ichigo uses Bankai, his strongest form to match him.

The animation on this episode is great. The fight is bright and colorful. The animators spared no expense when animating this episode and really brought the characters to life on screen. 

Having the Arrancar get up after being defeated was slightly dumb. They helped a little bit but got overpowered fast after the captain transformed again.

Overall, episode three of “Bleach” deserves a 9/10. The fights in this episode were amazing.