Abby Donnadio, Entertainment Writer

“Christmas Vacation” is an older movie that was made on December 1st, 1989.

As the holidays were approaching, the Griswold family wanted to have a perfect family Christmas. The father, “Clark Griswold” (Chevy Chase), went and decorated the whole house from top to bottom and had about 25,000 lights on his house and in his yard. Then his hillbilly cousin “Eddy” showed up with his whole family and parked his rusty trailer in the Griswold family’s driveway. Clark was embarrassed by Eddy and his family because of how nasty they were. They were always a mess and always ruined family events. The reason for the title of the movie being “Christmas Vacation” is because on the day of Christmas Clark was supposed to get a bonus from his work. Clark thought he was going to get a bunch of money and was planning a vacation for the whole family. When he opened the bonus, it was a free membership to some swim club for a month, so everything on Christmas was ruined for the Griswold family.

There were a lot of things in this movie that didn’t go well. One thing that could have been better was the way things were lined up. This movie should have had a little bit more of good things then just all bad. One second Eddy’s family showed up and then he put the lights on the house and they didnt work. Also, when they were at the table eating dinner the ham that Eddy’s wife cooked was burnt and everyone made fun of her.

The only good thing that happened was when the family was outside and all of the lights on the house turned on after him trying a bunch of times. This movie is a very good movie, but everything that happened was all bad. The Griswold family Christmas didn’t go as planned.

This movie deserves a rating of 5/5 because it can make the person watching continue to watch because you never know what could happen next. There were so many twists and turns throughout the whole movie.