Alec Dankovich, Entertainment Writer

Kalahari, located in Sandusky, OH, has many different water park rides. While the park might be known for their fun water park rides, there are more attractions that Kalahari provides. 

Kalahari tickets can be purchased on their website and day passes cost anywhere from $70-$100. Season passes cost $400 and last from either January-April or May-August. The park offers hotels for guests that want to stay and visit the park for more than one day. The park offers water-based amenities and fun activities for families and friends, like escape rooms and game rooms. 

One of the park’s more thrilling rides called the Barreling Baboon is loved by the park’s guests. The ride has an extreme thrill level and you need to be above 54 inches in order to ride the ride. The ride has riders slide through dips and twists into funnels. This ride changes enough to keep riders guessing what’s around the next bend. 

Another ride guest love is called Sahara Sidewinders. This indoor water ride is one thing guests love about the park.  The ride is another extreme thrill level ride, where you need to be above 54 inches in order to ride the ride. The ride includes a nearly vertical plummet on a 250-plus foot journey that takes you through a 360 degree loop to the water below. The ride ends next to another ride called the Screaming Hyena. 

Kalahari has been rated around a 4.5 out of 5 stars. The highly liked park has incredible rides and accommodations and is recommended by its visitors.