Vanessa Cicozi, Entertainment Writer

“Bones and All,” produced by Luca Guadagnino, gave viewers a horrific romance on November 18th. 

The movie “Bones and All” was based on the book “Bones & All” by Camile DeAngelis. The movie and book consist of two young cannibals who develop feelings for each other very quickly and run away together. With the use of photos and documents, the viewers had more of an understanding on how the two lovers started their disturbing acts. 

Guadagnino brought the book to life by the use of actors and plot. The main characters “Lee” played by Timothee Chalamet and “Maren Yearly” played by Taylor Russell. The actors were able to portray what would happen if two evil lovers came across each other. “Lee” was an orange haired eater who killed without any remorse until he met “Maren” on his way to Kentucky where the two became partners in crime who then turned out to be lovers and slowly ended their acts. 

The plot of “Bones and All” is what made the viewers fall in love with the two killers. Maren found herself living on her own after her father ran away leaving behind a tape and her birth certificate. With Maren being on her own she starts to learn her love for human meat which is an unexplainable trait she cannot change. As with Lee, he doesn’t say what made him start killing because he doesn’t like talking about his emotional range until he meets Maren. When the two lovers started to fall deeply in love, they ended their acts which showed viewers that love has many powers. 

The rating of the movie is 7.5/10. “Bones and All” is recommended to those who love romance full of horror such as “Twilight.”