Briana Best, Entertainment Writer

Can you imagine going on your flight and when returning, 5 years have passed? That’s what happened to the passengers in “Manifest.”

“Manifest” is an extremely popular TV show on Netflix. “Manifest” is based on the airline and the passengers who took flight 828 and became presumed dead for more than 5 years. While the 828 plane disappeared and could not be found for about 5 and a half years, everyone only had one thought and that was the plane crashed and everyone was no longer with them. Meanwhile, when the passengers returned, they had no idea 5 years had passed and the passengers did not age a day. Not giving up, certain passengers would not stop trying to figure out what happened to them.

One thing that made the show a lot more interesting was when the passengers returned not only were they confused about their time loss, but they were different from before they got on that plane. They got visions that lead them to certain places or certain people, and most of the time they ended up helping others in need when they followed the visions. They called the visions ¨callings.” This made the show more interesting by adding the suspense of what was going to happen next, or why it was happening now. 

Something that made the show a little less interesting is how fast they offspring the characters. A lot of the characters died off the show quickly to show a point, but then it left a lot of the viewers confused about the purpose of their death or their purpose. Other than this, the show was very good. A lot of suspense to keep you intrigued and to keep you watching. They know how to pull in an audience.

The show “Manifest” without question deserves a 9/10. All of the suspense that they keep in the show and the dragged-on unanswered questions really keep you intrigued and just pull you in more. Wanting to know all the answers going through your head, it might take time to get your answers, but it just makes you more curious in finding out.