Michael Meuter, Opinion Writer

Christmas, a beloved holiday by most, is celebrated by the joy of Santa bringing presents under the tree. Should kids learn the truth about Santa Claus though? 

Kids should learn that Santa Claus is not real. 

More and more, it feels as if people want to see the winter wonderland this year. Most kids don’t understand the real truth of Christmas. They only hear about Santa Claus giving presents under the tree. Kids need to learn the real truth of Santa Claus and his actual ways of being St. Nicholas. More and more younger kids are believing in his existence. According to a study, “In interviews, 85% of 4-year-olds said that they believed in Santa.” This amount is strongly supported by the parents that convince their children of Santa’s existence. Parents need to explain the man in the third century A.D. known as St. Nicholas who was known to be very kind and giving. Not of a man that eats cookies and delivers presents once a year. 

Many folks argue that Santa is a way to distract their kids from asking them what they want for Christmas. Though this is very true and a good way to do that, it is best to teach children that Christmas is not just about presents. Christmas should be thought of as a day to spread kindness and positivity all around. 

It is not hard to make this change as the youth are easily taught. If all parents would teach their children that Christmas is not just about presents, then when the day comes, they will not be saddened if they did not receive what they wanted. It is an easy task and it is much better for the future of kindness development in children and teens. 

The Christmas spirit has surrounded itself around gifts for those who are nice and coal for those who are naughty. Parents need to teach their children that it is good to be kind on Christmas, not mad that Santa didn’t come down the chimney with the presents they wanted.