Brooke Adams, Entertainment Writer

The Elmton is a very popular, local restaurant located in Struthers, Ohio on 5th street. It is  a very traditional restaurant that has been around since 1945. 


The Elmton is a locally owned restaurant. They have very affordable prices. They sell a very large variety of foods. Everyone can find something they will like there. It is located on the corner of Lincoln and 5th Street in Struthers.


The Emlton is most known for their pizza. Many people love their pizza and find it very affordable. Their pizza recipe is a little different from others, which is why people love it. All of their pizzas have peppers on them. Of course you can ask for it without, but many don’t. Not just that, but people also love the restaurant because they sell just about everything. If someone goes there and doesn’t like pizza, there is definitely something on the menu that they can find. 


Not only does the restaurant have a large variety of food, but they also have great prices. It is definitely one of the more affordable restaurants around. They serve good size portions that definitely make it worth your money. They also have daily specials. Every day of the week they have different specials going on. For example, every Thursday they have a 12 inch pizza for just $9.00. They make it easy for people to love the restaurant and make sure customers want to come back. 


The Eltmton is recommended for everyone–families, couples, etc. They have food for just about everyone. They get a 9/10 rating due to their menu and their affordable prices.