Brooke Adams

This is Miss Keller’s first full year at SHS.

Bryson Vince, Feature Writer

Ms. Keller is a new teacher at Struthers High School.

She wanted to be a teacher because she always wanted to create an open space for students to be themselves and to build their confidence.

Keller believes that it’s extremely important for students to learn other languages because of the benefits that they come with.

“I believe it is extremely important to learn other languages. There is a multitude of benefits between cultural knowledge, cognitive development, job opportunities and a beautiful way to create more experiences and connections. Life is filled with so much diversity, so try something new,” says Ms. Keller.

She motivates her students by trying to bring real-world experiences to her classroom that would help them develop life skills out of her classroom.

Ms. Keller isn’t from the Struthers area, but when she substituted for Mrs. Politsky last year, she realized how great the staff and students were.

“I am not from the area, so I was not overly familiar with the school district. However, after substituting I realized how amazing the staff and students are. This is a place where we can all grow together and work towards bettering ourselves and our experiences in life,” says assistant coach Keller.

One of the things Keller likes to do outside of teaching is go on adventures and she also loves trying new things.

Keller describes her classroom as open because she wants her students to have their own goals and so that they feel comfortable in her classroom.

“Open. We are all different in our own experiences, personalities, interests, strengths and weaknesses. There may be a common goal in class;  however, I like students to be able to feel comfortable with being themselves and focused on their self-growth rather than comparing themselves to others. Compare yourself to yesterday,” says the new Struthers teacher.

One of the things that Keller wants her students to do is take the opportunity to learn what they can with the interest of growing, not just for the grade.