Angie Madeline

Brady Clyde, senior, is an asset to the boys’ basketball team.

Gianna Taaffe, Feature Writer

Brady Clyde has a new start in his senior year. Clyde had a strong finish on his football season, but he is now ready to start his basketball season. 

Clyde is starting back up with basketball after four years. He has not stepped on the basketball court since 8th grade and is now taking on the challenge his senior year. 

He made the decisions to play again his senior year, continuing to show his athletic ability to all of us. 

“After football ended, I’m ready to be back in sports again, and continue to be around my friends,” says Number 33.

After taking a break from playing basketball, it will take Clyde some time to adjust and to get back in the groove. 

Clyde had to get in the mindset to play again after football ended, making those adjustments from his everyday life. 

“Starting basketball again is hard to adjust at first but we are starting to get the hang of it as the season starts,¨ says the basketball player.

Clyde’s end goal of playing basketball is to make it far. He wants to take our program far.

As Clyde starts the season, he works hard to take our Struthers Wildcats to a victory.

“My end goal for our season is to win a NE8 championship,”says Clyde.

Clyde continues to practice and put his all into basketball to make a good season for his last year.