Brooke Adams

Vince Boila is enjoying his sophomore year at SHS.

Mya Neider, Feature Writer

At Struthers High School, Vincent Boila has been exceeding through his sophomore year.

Many students prioritize their grades and focus on keeping them up. 

Boila’s main goal is to finish the school year with a flawless GPA. 

“My one goal for this year would be to finish out with a 4.0 GPA,” says Boila. 

Some kids have to juggle sports and grades all throughout the school year. 

To play sports and to keep your grades up can cause some stress, but Boila can’t wait to get a 4.0 and practice with his football team. 

“I am looking forward to finishing out sophomore year with a 4.0 and to lift and continue to practice with my football team,” states the sophomore.

Since he was 10 years old, Boila has been playing football. The varsity football team made it to the playoffs and had a winning season this year with help from Boila. 

When he was younger, his father and family inspired him to start playing football. 

“My dad and entire family have played, so I felt like it would be something to do and I have played it and loved football ever since,” says the football player Boila.