Sam Day serves as the Junior Class Vice President.

Marisa Orbin, Feature Writer

Samantha Day is a junior in Struthers High School. 

One of the main objectives in high school is being able to be interactive within the school. Day stepped up and took one of the main spots. She is the Junior Vice President. 

An interactive student explains just what she does in that position. 

“We sell ads, sell programs at the football games, and help decorate for Prom,” says Day. 

Being a part of the officers for juniors, one of the main responsibilities is to plan the Prom for the upperclassmen. As she stated, they sell programs and ads in order to be able to save up money for this dance. 

The Prom planner explains the main goals for the officers.

“The junior class officers main goal is to put on an enjoyable prom for the junior and senior class,” says Day. 

The officer’s job is only for juniors and seniors. The class gets to vote for who they just want to take that place. This year sophomores will be able to vote for their next year’s officers at the end of the year. 

The current junior Vice President comments if you should be a class officer.  

“I would recommend it for people that can/want to put hours in outside of school to help with junior class activities,” says Day.