Brooke Adams

Emma Morris is making the most of her junior basketball season.

Morgan Minno, Feature Writer

Emma Morris, a junior at Struthers High School, has been part of the girls’ basketball team for years. She has been playing for about 10 years and is excited for the year to come. She is a point guard and also a shooting guard on the team, making a shot every game. 

Morris is excited that the basketball season has started and can’t wait to play with her teammates and her role model Chloe Neider. 

“Chloe has a great work ethic, and I am looking forward to playing with her this season,” says the junior. 

Morris is part of many things throughout the school. She is on track to be valedictorian and is making her way to big things. She plans on playing basketball in college if she gets any offers, and she manages her time well with school and playing a sport. 

She puts a lot of time into basketball and also gets homework done and hanging out with friends at the same time. 

“I am good at time management. You know when you decide to participate in any sport you are committing part of your day to a sport the whole season,” says Morris. 

Morris plans on having a great season with the girls. She believes that her team has a chance this year to win a lot of games and go far. Something that is an important thing in Morris’s season is her jersey number. It was her dad’s number in high school and was also Bonny Beachy’s jersey number as well–two people she looks up to a lot. 

She looks up to Coach Wags as well. He has been a good role model her whole high school career. 

“He gives a lot of information and advice and helps me in all the areas I need to work on,” says the basketball player.