Brooke Adams

Elena Bullen, sophomore, is tackling indoor track.

Katelyn Kimble, Feature Writer

Sophomore Track Runner Elena Bullen is approaching her first ever indoor track season this upcoming winter. 

Bullen runs a lot of different races for the Wildcats including 100m, 200m, 4×100 and 4×200. This is her first year doing indoor. She is no stranger to outdoor track. She tried to start her career in 7th grade but was cut short due to COVID. So, her official first year of track was in 8th grade. She’s created many friendships and mentors along the way. 

She believes the best thing about being on the team is creating bonds with different people. 

“My favorite thing about track is the coaches and teammates. I love the people I run with. It just makes the season so much better,” says Bullen. 

The Wildcats haven’t done indoor track in a very long time but feel this year will help the team gain more experience to be the best they can be when spring comes around. The team has a lot of potential this year and are still very young. So, they still have a lot of room for growth. 

If runners show up and use this indoor track as practice for the regular season, it could help the team improve a ton. 

“I think if the spring track people do indoor. It will very much improve our team,” says Bullen. 

She feels that she has a lot of motivation for and always wants to get better and improve. Bullen puts a lot of effort into getting better at track so she can win races for her team. Track is Bullens main sport, so she takes it very seriously and always is looking for growth and tips to get better. 

Losing makes her want to spend more time getting faster. 

“I hate losing races, so everytime I would lose I’d go to practice and practice harder. I want to do well in this sport since I’ve always wanted to run track since I was little,” says Bullen.