Brooke Adams

Kaylyn Vlosich, sophomore, has been cheering for the Cats year round.

Natalie Burosky, Feature Writer

Sophomore Kaylyn Vlosich is a Varsity cheerleader for the football and basketball season. 

Vlosich has been cheering for nine years and works hard every season to become better. 

Getting the chance to gain new skills and being able to show them off is one of the best parts of cheerleading for Vlosich.

“My favorite part of cheering is working hard on a new skill or routine and then being able to showcase all of that hard work by performing. I love the adrenaline rush of it, and I have ever since I competed when I was younger,” says Vlosich.  

Everyone struggles throughout their seasons with obstacles that come at them. 

Vlosich tends to get hard on herself, but she knows that it’s all a part of the sport. 

“The hardest part of cheering is not getting too hard on yourself. It can get very easy to get frustrated with myself and having to remind myself that mistakes are a good thing, can get hard,” says Vlosich.  

Football season just ended, and it was a good one. 

Vlosich enjoyed her football season and had a good time being surrounded by her peers. 

“I absolutely loved cheering this football season; it was probably one of my favorite ones yet. I got to be with a lot of my closest friends whether it was on the sideline with them or just watching them play,” says Vlosich.