Bryona Colyar Editor-in-Chief

Bryona Colyar, Editor-in-Chief

Hello and welcome back to the second issue of The Student Prints! 

On November 4th, the Wildcat Football Team was unfortunately knocked out of the playoffs by the Warriors in the second round. Despite the upset, the only solution is to bounce back and keep on going, for the team and the Wildcat Nation. The team had a rough start, but quickly recovered, leading to a strong end of season. With the Wildcats football season coming to an end, we are setting up for even more happenings! 

Speaking of more–more articles about your favorite local places, people, staff, and students are to come! 

Winter sports are around the corner, so keep an eye out for happenings within our Wildcat boys and girls basketball and bowling teams! 

Enjoy our latest release of our newsletter and remember to TrUSt the Climb! Go Cats!