The SHS Show Choir and Band both performed at Disney World.

Isabella Sferra, News Writer

The Sound of Struthers will be performing at Disney this fall for a once in a lifetime event.

This November, our very own band, colorguard and show choir, will be performing an array of Christmas music at Walt Disney World.

Show Choir director Angela Russo is very excited about traveling to Disney.

“Performing at Disney is a once in a lifetime experience, or twice if you went in 8th grade with the band,” says Show Choir Teacher Mrs. Russo.

The songlist for the Starlight Singers consists of “Rocking Around the Christmas Tree and Jingle Bell Rock,” “All That Holiday Stuff” featuring senior soloist Bryona Colyar, “A Light of Hope, A Song of Peace” featuring sophomore soloist Emma Hawkins and senior soloist Connor Pavliko, “Frosty the Snowman” and finally “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” featuring senior soloists Angel Rhymer and Nathan Baird.

Senior Connor Pavliko expresses his enthusiasm for his heart warming solo.

“I’m excited and nervous but I’m really glad I got this opportunity,” says soloist Pavliko talking about his solo with sophomore Emma Hawkins.

The Sound of Struthers Marching Band will also be performing “Disney’s Magical Marches” as well.

The band director is equally as enthusiastic about this trip as everyone else and shows his pride and appreciation for the kids.

“We are proud of our music students and very excited for them to perform at Walt Disney World! It will be an experience that the students will remember for a lifetime!” says Hawkins.

We can’t forget our favorite Color Guard coach who also gave us a peek into how she feels about our upcoming trip.

“I am looking forward to this experience for all the kids,” says Colleen Mayeux.

The Color Guard, also known as flagline, includes juniors Destiny Corbett, Adrianna Bonini, Sabrina Michales, and Carley Johnston; freshman Brianna Day, and 8th graders Alex and Lauren.

The Sound of Struthers is very excited to travel to Disney Springs to perform and cannot wait to play in the most magical place on Earth.