Brooke Adams

Bailey Miner enjoyed her freshman soccer season.

Isabella Sahli, News Writer

The Struthers girls’ soccer team had a banquet on Tuesday, November 15th at the Bogey’s Banquet Center to celebrate their successful season.

Each athlete from the team was invited for free with the option of bringing any number of guests for twenty-five dollars each. Bogey’s catered the food and allowed the team to use their Banquet Center for the second year in a row.

Sabrina Bartholomew, the soccer team’s assistant coach, praises the Banquet Center for being a convenient place to go.

“We chose Bogey’s Banquet Center because it’s a nice place close to Struthers, and their food is very good,” says Bartholomew.

The banquet was held to honor the successful season that the team had as a group, like winning the District Sportsmanship Award and winning the first playoff game in Struthers soccer history. The girls on the team that individually received awards were honored for their success at the Banquet. Katelyn Kimble and Lorieona Jannone won the 2nd Team All-District, Angelina Carcelli won the All-County Honorable Mention, Alyssa Carcelli won All-County and Ava Croyle won All-District Honorable Mention.

Alyssa Carcelli, a freshman, is already getting recognized early on in soccer and is getting ready for next year’s season through the banquet.

“Being recognized this early in high school is so rewarding. I can’t wait to start playing in games next year with my team, so for now, the banquet is a great way for me to see everyone even though the season is over,” says Carcelli.

There were many new freshmen that joined the team this year and made their marks. It will be their first banquet and a completely new experience for them.

Baylee Miner, a freshman on the soccer team, was excited to have her first banquet and got to see everyone from this year’s team again.

“I was looking forward to reuniting with our team and coming together to celebrate the great year we’ve had. I couldn’t wait to make more memories with them at the banquet,” says Miner.