Mrs. Nicholas

(Left to Right): Senior Aiden St. Clair, Junior Carley Johnston, Sophomore Cadence Shorthouse, Freshman Riley Painter

Mia Rodriguez, News Writer

Ninth grade student athlete Riley Painter stands out and wins Student of the Month for October.

Coming into a new learning environment can be tough, especially when it comes to transitioning from middle school to high school. Although, Painter makes it seem surprisingly easy to stand out in a new school and go above and beyond. Only two months into the school year, this freshman stood out to his teachers and got nominated for his outstanding behavior and performance in school.

This 9th grader always is positive and had a good attitude going into high school and the new environment.

“The transition from middle school to high school wasn’t really that hard, and being on the football team with people I know made it easier,” says the freshman.

Painter is a student-athlete who participates in extracurricular activities such as football and track. While having practice every day, he still keeps up with his school work and makes a good impression on the teachers. Doing all of your work while still having practices and workouts can be hard. However, Painter stays on track.

The student-athlete is very calm about everything and has no worries about keeping up with school and sports.

“I just do my school work and go to practice with not much care,” says Painter.

Grades can also be another hard thing for kids to keep up with, especially with all the new ways teachers grade in high school. However, Painter still is keeping all his A’s, that he has had ever since he was in middle school. This is what made him really stand out to the teachers and is one of the many reasons he was chosen as student of the month.

Painter controls his grades very well and has a system for keeping them the way he does.

“I check my grades once a day and if I’m lacking in a subject, I’ll try harder,” says the student-athlete.

The other individuals who were chosen for student of the month for October were Aiden St. Clair, Carley Johnston and Cadence Shorthouse.