The Cats Cafe offers weekly specials to enjoy.

Jolene Pritts, News Writer

Struthers High School has a Cats Cafe, a place where students can order food and drinks. Currently it is open only on Fridays from first period to third period.

The Cafe is located in Mrs. Roher’s room. It’s a place where they can get any snack or drink option they have. The Cats Cafe has affordable prices, and everything is served and made by the students.

Adriana Bonini, a junior, ordered a cinnamon roll and an iced coffee with caramel.

“I got the cinnamon roll because it was an ongoing special, and I got the ice coffee because that’s what I always get,” says Bonini.

The Cats Cafe has been around since the end of 202o. The Cafe has brought a positive change to Struthers. People enjoy the Cafe and influence other people to try it out.

Samantha Minno, a freshman, likes the Cafe for many reasons such as the food and drinks.

“I like the prices, everything is cheap and affordable,” says Minno.

The Cafe is a warm and welcoming place for many students and teachers. Everyone likes the prices, and the setup is aesthetically pleasing. A fun fact is that the Cats cafe won a WKBN award in 2020.

Bailey Rubosky, a freshman, doesn’t order often but when she does order, she tries all sorts of different things.

“I would like to try apple cider when I get the chance too,” says Rubosky.

In the Cafe, they have certain food or drinks they serve, depending on the season. They have their ideas planned out before Friday. They do have an Instagram page. They post all sorts of things about the Cafe. They post things such as what’s to come next or what to expect. They specifically post stuff like the treats they will have next and the deals they have. They also make special holiday treats. As multiple people have said, it’s cheap and nice.