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Angel Rhymer is excited for her senior band trip to Disney.

Skylar Bark, News Writer

Struthers High School Marching Band members describe their experience with marching band, who they’re inspired by and why they love what they do.

Freshman bass drum player Erica Bollas has been in marching band for two years now and continues to love what she signed up for.

Bollas explains who she is inspired by and how she is included with the band.

“This is my second year in marching band. My brother inspired me to do marching band because he played the bass drums as well when he was in the marching band while he was in high school. During middle school, my interest in marching band became stronger because I was always playing a percussion instrument, I don’t plan on quitting,” says Bollas.

A brilliant senior and talented drum major Angel Rhymer has loved playing instruments since she was a child. She has played many different and unique instruments throughout her experience and does not plan to end her career.

Rhymer explains how she loves what she does. She also explains how she was musically gifted and influenced by her family and friends and how that is why she loves what she does.

“I’ve been in marching band for five years. During my time, I played the baritone, tenor saxophone, alto saxophone and trumpet. My family is very musical, so I wanted to stay musical with them,” says Rhymer.

The excellent freshman saxophone player was inspired by her peers and has been in a marching band for just one year.

Armstrong strives for positivity while doing what she loves. She’s inspired by a few of her close friends she admires.

“This is my first year in marching band but I’ve been playing the saxophone and have been in band in general for six years. I was inspired by my friends Talisa Lee and Collin Senvisky,” says Armstrong.

Everyone in the band has their own inspirations and absolutely love what they do.