Cleveland Guardians landed four Gold Glove Winners this season.

Matthew McConahy, Sports Writer

The Cleveland Guardians made history by winning four Golden Gloves.

The Guardians continue to shock the nation with how good they truly are by winning four Golden Gloves.

The last time a rookie won a Golden Glove was back in the 90s by Sandy Alomar Jr., now it’s Steven Kwan.

Terry Francona, the Guardians Manager, says they need to improve the offense but in a way where they don’t destroy defense.

“We all saw what it can do when you play defense the way we could at times. It wasn’t always perfect, but when we were able to put that group out there, it was a pretty good defensive team and it made a difference,” says Francona.

Steven Kwan, Myles Straw, Andres Gimenez and Shane Bieber are the ones who won the golden gloves.

Kwan finished the year with 21 defensive runs saved and ten outs.

Beiber is the first pitcher in Cleveland history to win a Golden Glove. Beiber threw a total of 200 innings and with 198 strikeouts.

Gimenez leads the MLB in DRS with a total of 16 and is ranked second in OAA, UZR (Ultimate Zone Rating) is another category Gimenez is ranked first in.

Last but not least is Straw, who was second in DRS but ranked first in UZR and also First in OAA.

DEF is a stat that shows how many runs were prevented as well as accounting for positional adjustment. Straw is definitely the best at it with a score of 16.3 with the next highest of 5.1.

It is clear that the Cleveland Guardians have the best defense in the MLB, and they look forward to taking it into next season.