Brooke Adams, Entertainment Writer

Donavitos is a very popular, higher-end Italian restaurant located in Struthers, Ohio. They serve many different, very good Italian dishes. 

Donavitos is a family-owned restaurant in Downtown Struthers. It is however a little more expensive than the other restaurants located in Struthers. The food is definitely worth the price that it comes with. 

One part of Donavitos that many love is everything they offer. They offer very many Italian dishes along with just about everything else. They serve pasta, salad, chicken, steak, ribs, seafood, etc. Along with all of the food they serve, they also have many drink options. People also love how Donavitos does catering for events. They also do curbside pick up for people who do not want to dine in. 

Although the food is a little more expensive than the other restaurants located in Struthers, they are still very affordable. They serve very big portions that are most definitely worth the price. They also do deals on certain days of the week for different dishes. For example, on Fridays they do a one-pound walleye dinner for just $12.99. Donavitos is a perfect restaurant for many occasions. 

Donnavitos is recommended for everyone, families, couples, etc. They have food for just about everyone. They get a 9/10 rating due to their menu and their affordable prices.