Brooke Adams

Brady Clyde, senior, received Second Team All NE8, All County and All YSN Team Honors this football season.

Clare Coppola, Sports Writer

The Struthers Football Team traveled to West Branch on Friday November 4th to battle the Warriors in the second round of playoffs.

The football team unfortunately lost with a score of 35-54.

The boys played a really good game even though they lost. Senior Brady Clyde was the Center and Defensive End this past year for the team.

Even though they lost, Clyde is still proud of how the team played.

“I think all of us gave it our all and didn’t quit,” says Clyde.

Friday’s game was the first time they have been in the playoffs since 2019 and that is a big deal for Struthers since they played their hardest and came back from a losing streak and went on to have a six game winning streak.

The team worked really well together and that helped the win streak. They went on and the team didn’t give up when they were losing and came back proving everyone wrong.

“I think this year was the best bond of all four years because we were a team on and off the field,” says Clyde.

The team next year will be just as good if not just as good and win more games and be the best version of Struthers the football team can be.

Clyde has some great advice for the incoming freshmen.

“Never stop working, get in the weight room,” says Clyde.