THE GOOD DOCTOR – ABC’s “The Good Doctor” stars Chukuma Modu as Dr. Jared Kalu, Antonia Thomas as Dr. Claire Browne, Beau Garrett as Jessica Preston, Hill Harper as Dr. Marcus Andrews, Freddie Highmore as Dr. Shaun Murphy, Richard Schiff as Dr. Aaron Glassman, Tamlyn Tomita as Allegra Aoki and Nicholas Gonzalez as Dr. Neil Melendez. (ABC/Bob D’Amico)

Briana Best, Entertainment Writer

Have you ever really thought about discrimination within careers? In “The Good Doctor,” “Shaun Murphy” (Freddie Highmore) was very discriminated against, being he had autism and wanted to pursue his career as a doctor.

Shaun Murphy is a young surgeon with Autism and Savant Syndrome, which causes Shaun to have a very difficult time personally connecting to others. Murphy uses his medical gifts to help him succeed as a surgeon, but it creates some problems as well. Because he is so open about everything and anything, he has no filter when it comes to the patience of the hospital. With Murphy’s medical gifts, he faces a lot of challenges between his colleagues, bosses and even the hospital itself. Murphy never lets that stop his love and passion for saving lives.

In “The Good Doctor,” they gave Murphy a chance. The show started with Murphy being at an airport when someone needed serious medical attention. While the doctor was there trying to attend to the person in need, Murphy was observing and realized that if the doctor pursued to continue to try to help, the person in need would not make it. A couple of minutes went by and Murphy told the doctor to stop and said exactly what the patient would need to survive and he knew exactly how to do it. Ordering people to get him the objects he needed to save this boy’s life, everyone was amazed. It was obvious Murphy was not as normal as everyone else, from his personality to the way he was with his knowledge. After everything was said and done Murphy saved that boy’s life and “Dr. Glassman” (Richard Schiff) took his chances on Murphy and got him into the “San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital” to prove himself and to give Murphy the chance he deserves. In “The Good Doctor,” the way they introduced Murphy was a huge attention-getter and just pulled the audience in. They could not have made a better opening sequence.

Murphy was a Surgeon at hospital for a little while, he was still getting treated like he needed extra attention and help. Murphy was just as capable as the rest of the doctors and surgeons at the hospital. Besides Murphy’s unfiltered information, which they can prevent by letting others talk to the patient and inform them of their medical conditions and the procedures they might have to endure. Murphy was just as equal as the rest of them, he honestly could be worth more at the hospital. Murphy’s mind just goes and goes with medical terms and medical procedures as soon as he hears a condition, His mind does not stop till he figures it out. When people look at Murphy or talk to him about normal life things, all they see is a young man with Autism. What they do not see is the other medical gift Murphy got diagnosed with: Savant Syndrome. This gives Murphy the photographic memory that helps him proceed as a successful surgeon. In “The Good Doctor,”  the other Surgeons and Doctors treated Murphy like a child for way too long into the show.

The show “The Good Doctor” by far deserves a 10/10 with how realistic it is to the real world and just getting to see someone like Shaun Murphy getting a chance at his dream and not letting his medical gifts prevent him from it, but letting his medical gifts be the reason he succeeds as a surgeon.