Mia Clyde, Entertainment Writer

After its show-stopping season one, rising television series “The Vampire Diaries” astonished fans after making its ultimate debut of season two that premiered September 9th, 2010. 

Season Two of “The Vampire Diaries” brings back its main characters “Elena” (Nina Dobrev), “Stefan” (Paul Wesley), “Damon” (Ian Somerhalder), “Bonnie” (Kat Graham) and “Caroline” (Candice Accola-King). With the return of these characters, the season starts out in a chaotic manner with the return of Elena’s evil vampire doppelganger, “Katherine.” Damon and Stefan are stunned by the return as she wreaked havoc for the entirety of the season, as well as always being one step ahead of them. Creators also introduce some of the series’ best and most evil villains, as well as more supernatural beings. As the season progresses, things in Mystic Falls become wicked once again. 

Being that Season Two was the series’ best and most brilliant season, a big part that made its ratings bloom was the introduction of the show’s best villains. By introducing the vile doppelganger Katherine and the bloodsucking “Original” vampires, fans raved over season two. By revealing everything about Katherine’s past and why she has been on the run for five-hundred years from the “Original” vampire Klaus, ratings began to skyrocket. Audience was also fond of learning the reason why Katherine looked exactly like Elena. With the showing of all these things, the show was additionally renewed for a season three, unsurprisingly. 

Along with its amazing showcase of villains, another thing that was astonishing in season two was mean-girl Caroline’s vampire transition. In season one of the show, Caroline was a shallow and jealous mean-girl that fans did not love so much. But, a few episodes into the season, Caroline suffers from a car accident. Weak and close to death, she ends up in the hospital. Additionally, as payback to Damon and Stefan, Katherine feeds Caroline her blood and turns her into a vampire. Shockingly, the transition transforms Caroline’s personality, and for the rest of the show, she is a character that is well loved. Going from jealous and arrogant to caring and compassionate, Caroline’s character took a turn for the better, and we could not be more happy about it. 

Without a doubt, Season Two of “The Vampire Diaries” was a great way to start off the series. This season is recommended for ages fourteen and up, with more blood and gore. This season earns a five out of five stars and is recommended for anyone who enjoys the vampire and supernatural storyline. In conclusion, Season Two is the most popular season in the series and is well loved by many.