Abby Donnadio, Entertainment Writer

“The Watcher” is a brand new movie that was released on October 13rd, 2022.

The Bronnock family bought a huge house in New Jersey, and they started receiving threatening letters from “The Watcher.” Everyone in the suburbs wanted that house, but it was more than 5 million dollars. When the family started getting the letter, they blamed it on the neighbors and went to talk to them.

After all of the threatening letters and scary things happening at 657 Boulevard, they got a private investigator. Personally, what threw the movie off was that the case was never solved on who “The Watcher” was. Their investigator had cancer the whole time they were trying to solve this case. Although the investigator told the Bronnock family that she was the watcher, the next day she passed away due to cancer. The family went to her funeral and asked her daughter about it, and her daughter said she only told them that because that would have been her first case not unsolved. 

The good thing about this movie is that there were a lot of things happening. This made the person watching want to keep watching because watchers never knew what was going to happen. Also, this movie was based on a true story which makes it even more scary, and it really grabs your attention. 

This movie is very good, and you never know what is going to happen next. There are a lot of twists and turns. This movie deserves a 10/10.