Christian Dorsett, Entertainment Writer

Not long after his battle, Ichigo’s friend shows up to ask for help. Nel explains her home, Hueco Mundo, has been invaded and her people are dying. This new enemy planned a surprise attack on all fronts. 

Ichigo always helps out his friends so he agrees to help. Ichigo and his friends set off the Hueco Mundo with the help of Mr. Uruhara. Meanwhile, in Hueco Mundo, the Arrancar are rounded up and killed or are forced to submit to the enemy. A captain in the enemy army refers to them as the “Wandenreich.” The soul society held a funeral for their fallen vice-captain.

Having the Wandenreich invade Hueco Mundo was a great idea because it almost forces enemies (soul reapers and arrancars) to work together.  These two have been at odds since the beginning of the show. It’s cool to see that they might have to work together to defeat this new enemy.

It was really cool seeing Nel return to the show. She always provides some sort of comedic relief when she’s on screen. There is never really a dull moment when she’s around.

Overall, episode two of Bleach: TYBW deserves a 9/10. This episode was very plot-driven, and there wasn’t much fighting. It helped further the viewer’s knowledge of the new enemy and what is going on.