Sophia Kavouras

Robert Carcelli, sophomore, helped the Cats dominate Edgewood in Round 1 of the playoffs.

Devin Braham, Sports Writer

The Struthers Wildcats football team won their first playoff game in nine years in a landslide victory against the Edgewood Warriors with a score of 49-14 on Friday, October 28.

This game was a win or go home game; the win secured the Cats another game the following week.

The Cats have been playing really well recently with a six game win streak; they came into the game with tons of momentum from the previous weeks.

Robert Carcelli, a Struthers wide receiver and offensive linebacker, believes the result of the Edgewood Struthers game comes from momentum.

“We just kept what we had going from the past five games to extend to a six-game win streak,” says Robert.

The Wildcats performed extremely well this past week against Edgewood for their first playoff win since 2013.

Carcelli thinks there is little to no change in atmosphere in a playoff game.

“There are more people there but we still have to go out and do our job,” says Carcelli.

The Wildcats came into the game with a chip on their shoulder in a very important playoff game, this game was important to the team and could’ve ended their season.

The Cats played hard in the game against Edgewood knowing that it could be their last game of the season.

Carcelli said, “It’s a playoff game; when you’re in the playoffs, you only have one more guaranteed.”

In the landslide win against Edgewood, the Wildcats advanced to the second round of the playoffs and played the number one ranked team, the West Branch Warriors.