Austin McCullough, Entertainment Writer

Have you ever watched a movie that checked all of the boxes? A movie that makes you want to continue watching?

“Here Comes the Boom” is a family-friendly movie that is a great watch. It is about a high school teacher who is losing love for a job he loved in the past which was teaching his students. With money problems within the school, the school board makes the decision to cut the music program, which will cause a friend of the teacher “Scott Voss” to lose his job. Mr Voss becomes an MMA fighter to gain money for the school.

An area of critique for the film would be the use of music. The film is based majorly on music, but it lacked certain musical effects. More dramatic music could have improved the film. At certain points music was implemented, but it could have been pushed a little more.

The film could have gone into more depth of the way the music program affected students as well as teachers. Music is very important in everyday life and could have been pushed slightly more. Other than that, the movie was complete.

The movie deserves a 9/10 as it touched every emotion and kept you wanting to watch. Anyone who loves movies would love it.