Zander "Z" Parrish, Entertainment Writer

It was a typical Tuesday afternoon at Struthers High School. It was the 8th Period. Joe Schmoe has his average gym Class. The gym teacher calls everyone’s name for attendance, followed by everyone jogging 5 laps around the red lines that form a square around the gym floor. 

Today’s “game” was Kickball, Joe’s favorite. The teacher put everyone in teams, Joe was on the offensive. The defensive team stood around the gym, while the offensive team lined up around the home plate. The offender at the front of the line kicks the ball and the other offenders move along the line, and the kicker runs around to get to Home Plate. The defenders attempt to catch the ball and get the kicker out. This is typical kickball stuff that everyone knows.

It was Joe’s turn. Everyone behind him was cheering and yelling for him. He backed up to get momentum, his eyeballs locked on to that small yellow ball rolling forward. He runs for the ball.

He trips on his shoelace and does a backflip onto a couple of chairs and tables right next to the line. He wasn’t injured or anything, but the whole class bursted out laughing.

The gym then exploded. The end.