The Amish Market is located on South Avenue in Boardman, Ohio. Image Courtesy of Google

Carlee Rhodes, Entertainment Writer

If you want to find  a variety of goods including crafts, baked and canned goods, and even furniture and outdoor items, The Amish Market is the place to go. 

The Amish Market was originally established in 2013 as The Valley Marketplace. It was an indoor Amish farmers market that had a variety of goods, vendors, furniture and furnishings. In 2017, the market became completely Amish owned and operated and the market was renamed, The Amish Market.

The market has its own restaurant. They serve a large selection of breakfast and multiple burgers and sandwiches. Some of their breakfast items are the Breakfast Sampler, Bill’s Breakfast Bowl, many pancake flavors, Eskimo Waffle, Stuffed French Toast, English Muffin and Breakfast Burger. Their Burgers & Sandwiches include Steakburger and cheese, Mushroom Swiss, Chili Burger, Mega Beacon Burgr, Chicken, Beacon and Swiss, BLT, Hot Dog and Chili Dog. 

The market sells future and many food items to choose from. They have quality wood Amish furniture and furnishings. Some of the things they have are custom gun cabinets, storage options,  book shelves, office furniture, beautiful desks, file cabinets, bookcases and chairs. Their food selection consists of donuts, baked goods, candy, fresh food and produce, pretzel bar, meats, poultry and seafood.

At The Amish Market, you’re able to eat at their restaurant, shop for furniture and buy groceries.