Brooke Adams

Devin Braham, sophomore, received First Team All NE8, First Team All District and All County Honors this year.

Kaylyn Vlosich, Feature Writer

Devin Braham is a talented student athlete at Struthers High School. He is a sophmore football player with big goals to accomplish and a legacy to build. 

Braham has been playing football for about nine years. He started out as a lineman, but was switched to a running back and a lineback, which is what he has stuck with ever since. 

The Struthers Wildcat has learned a lot of things over almost a decade of playing football. 

“Always keep your head up, no matter the circumstance,” says Braham.

This year, Braham has had the privilege of playing varsity with boys that he considers his family. He has sacrificed his time and dedication to get to this point, making sure everything he does is for the betterment of his team. 

The linebacker loves that he gets to gain experience in varsity football alongside his best friends. 

“In JV, you feel as if there is no pressure, but under the lights, it’s a completely different atmosphere. There are a lot more fans and overall just a lot more exciting,” says Braham.

The student athlete always sets his mindset right before going into a game; all he thinks about is winning. Braham’s biggest strength is being able to quickly read a play and use his instincts. 

Number four has tried out many sports but always returns to his roots. 

“Football is a lot more fast paced and physically demanding, which is why it is my favorite sport,” says Braham. 

Braham acts as a role model to many younger football players. He inspires the boys to keep working on their craft, assuring them that it’ll pay off in the long run. Braham keeps working hard to be a “Big 22” contender and play football in college.