Brooke Adams

Mr. Garcar has been teaching at Struthers for 11 years.

Bryson Vince, Feature Writer

Mr. Garcar is a teacher at Struthers High School.

When Mr. Garcar was in high school, he had a teacher that left a big impact on him. He now enjoys explaining math concepts to his students.

Garcar has been teaching for 11 years and most of them have been at Struthers High School, but one of them was at Struthers Middle School.

“This is my 11th year overall in the district. I was at the middle school for one year and spent ten years at the high school,” says Garcar.

His favorite subject is math because he enjoys finding the patterns in numbers and problems.

Garcar received an award called the “25 Under 35” for impacting the Mahoning Valley.

“A couple of years ago, I received an award called the “25 Under 35” award.  The award recognizes young professionals who have impacted the Mahoning Valley,” says Coach Garcar.

Mr. Garcar likes working with all of the staff members and working with his students. He thinks that Struthers High School provides many good opportunities for students.

Garcar says that over all of his years of teaching, he doesn’t have a favorite student because of how successful his students were in highschool and even out of high school.

“I have had many students who did many great things while in my classes and have gone on to have much success after high school.  It is very difficult to pick just one student,” says the Struthers teacher.

He attended Youngstown State University to get his teaching degree and got a Masters Degree as well. He also went to Edinboro University for another Masters Degree.