Brooke Adams

Marissa Metzka is enjoying her sophomore year at SHS.

Mya Neider, Feature Writer

At Struthers High School, Marissa Metzka started her sophomore year off strong.

To have a strong school year, it’s good to set goals. Goals are a desire that someone wants to achieve in the future. The goal could be short or long term, but they are meant to help a person pursue something they want to do.

In order to keep the school year on a good note, Metzka has set goals to accomplish.

“My goals for this school year are to not get so stressed out and to keep a balance between school and sports,”says Metzka.

Many teachers influence their students. Whether it’s their teaching strategies or their personality, every student comes out of a classroom with an impact.

Metzka has found a teacher that impacted her with his attitude and teaching style.

“One of my favorite teachers at Struthers is Mr. Bayuk. I love his attitude in class, and I feel I can really learn from his material. He’s just an all around amazing teacher,” says Metzka.

Since seventh grade, Metzka has been playing volleyball. The older kids inspired her to play and now she starts varsity as a sophomore.

Struthers volleyball, in previous seasons, haven’t had the best outcome. This season the girls went 6-16, which has improved from other years. Metzka has helped the team with 107 kills and 52 blocks.

“This season wasn’t the best of success, but we learned a lot from different experiences and improved from it,” says Metzka.