Brooke Adams

Grady Moore is ready for his junior year basketball season.

Morgan Minno, Feature Writer

Grady Moore, a junior at Struthers High School, is excited for the basketball season lurking upon him. 

Moore is the point guard on the Struthers boys’ basketball team. He has been playing since he was in the fourth grade. He tried out for the basketball team in third grade but didn’t make the team. He then went and tried again and made the team in fourth grade. He strives every day to do the best he can by watching games on TV and even watching his own film. 

Kyrie Irving is one of his inspirations. Moore strives to be like him and looks up to him the most. 

“Kyrie Irving is the greatest point guard to ever play basketball,” says Moore. 

Moore looks up to many people on his basketball team. He strives to be a lot like his teammates and goes above and beyond to improve his work ethic. His coaches tell him he needs to work on his left hand layups; because of this, he works at it every day. Moore looks up to teammates like senior Nick Delgratta and even freshman Tommy Cole. 

Moore looks up to his teammates, and it helps him become a better player each and every day. 

“I look up to Nick the most because he’s so talented on the court,” says Moore. 

Moore always thinks about going further in his basketball career, but he still has a backup plan in case things don’t work out. He thinks that the younger generation should know to not give up on their dreams and to never let someone tell you that you can’t. Moore believes that their team has a chance to win a lot this year and do good. 

Moore feels that if they all get along and work together this year, they will do even better than last year. 

“I know we have a chance this year,” says Moore.