Brooke Adams

Ayden Isabella had a memorable senior football season.

Marissa Metzka, Feature Writer

Ayden Isabella is a senior varsity football player at Struthers High School. 

Isabella is a good player and teammate. His position is linebacker.

Isabella was happy to be back on the field after playing his sophomore year and then coming back to play his senior year.

“I was excited to be back and I was never more ready to play football,” says Isabella.

When preparing for the playoff game against the West Branch Warriors, Ayden said the team needed to be the most physical team on the field.

Isabella had really high expectations for the playoff game and was excited to play with his team.

“Winning this game means a lot to me and my team, since Struthers has not won a playoff game in two decades,” says the senior.

Isabella was a team captain and a main leader on his team. He made sure to watch how he acts because he knows he is leaving an influence on the underclassman.

Isabella felt great about his senior season, and he is glad it turned around from the beginning.

“I felt amazing about this senior season, but I wish it wasn’t so short,” says Isabella

Isabella felt that the team had many obstacles to overcome but the season was great. He feels that all the boys worked hard even though it came to an end so quickly.