Brooke Adams

Natalie Burosky, sophomore, enjoyed the Ladycat volleyball season.

Katelyn Kimble, Feature Writer

Volleyball sophomore Natalie Burosky just finished her second year of Struthers High School Volleyball. 

Burosky is the Libero for the Struthers Volleyball Varsity team. She has many goals and expectations for next year and her high school career in general. Their team had improved a ton through the season and ended with a record of 6-16. They still have a lot of work that needs to be done, but next year could be very good for them. 

She wants to win more games then lose next year and also wants to win a championship. 

“A goal I want to achieve next year is getting a winning record, and I also want to put something on the board,” says Burosky. 

As the season went on this year, they seemed to be getting more wins and having things go their way. The team seemed to start working together and getting done what needed to be done. With them only losing two seniors next year, they have a lot of potential to come back stronger than ever. 

The more games they won, the more they started to believe in themselves. 

“Our mindsets improved in ways because we started to believe more in ourselves then we did before,” says Burosky. 

This was a very good stepping stone for the Wildcats because now they have the confidence they need to be great. This season showed them that they can win, and it also showed what they need to work on for next year to be successful. 

They are now aware of how much potential they have to be very good in the upcoming seasons. 

“I do consider it a good season because we showed a lot more potential this year than the previous years,” says Burosky.