Brooke Adams

Chloe Neider, senior, is ready to take on her last season as a Ladycat.

Sophia Kavouras, Feature Writer

Chloe Neider is a senior basketball player for the Lady Wildcats. 

Neider is preparing for her last season with the Wildcats. The senior is ready for her last season and is eager to play. 

“I am very excited to play my last season of basketball with the girls I have been playing with since the beginning of it all,” said Neider.

The senior is the point guard for the Cats and has been playing point guard since she started playing. 

The point guard has been playing basketball since age 5 with her dad coaching her all the way. 

Number 14 is ready for her rival game against the Poland Bulldogs. 

“I am excited for the upcoming Poland game because they are our rivals, and my old Coach Dubec coaches there now so I cannot let him beat us,” said Neider.

Neider plans on playing hard and winning games for the Ladycats. 

The senior is going to miss the game when she’s done, but she is thankful for every moment. 

“I am going to miss the game. I love playing games because that is where I can show off my skill and everything that I have been working on in the off season,” said Neider.

Neider plans on going to college to major in Biology on the Pre-Med track but is still undecided if she would like to continue to play at the collegiate level. 

The Ladycat says her dad is her biggest supporter and is always pushing her to be better. 

“My dad inspires me to work my hardest because he is my coach, and if he sees me slacking for one second I will have to hit the stairs,” said Neider.