Brooke Adams

Zade Casey, freshman, had a great season on the gridiron.

Nadia Galazia, Feature Writer

Zade Casey is a freshman at Struthers High School. He plays football and runs track for the Wildcats.

Casey got into the first varsity Struthers football game and scored a touchdown in the fourth quarter. 

Casey is very proud of himself that he scored and did a great job in the game.

“Throughout my football experience, my first varsity touchdown was the best feeling touchdown I have had so far in my playing years,” says Casey

The freshman athlete was shocked and surprised he even got into the varsity game.

Casey was not aware of the coaches decisions until half time.

“I was surprised I got into the game because I didn’t really know the JV was going to be put  in until they told me I was starting kickoff return at half time,” says the athlete.

Afterwards when the game was over, he still thought he could have done better than he performed.

Casey wasn’t too hard on himself and still did a great job, but he likes to make himself better than he is and critiques himself. 

“I feel like I could have done some things differently. I would have gone through the right holes and not cut outside. If I went through them, I most likely would have had more yards because my lineman are great and open all the holes to the plays,” says the football player.