Brooke Adams

Mr. Slepski has been teaching for many years.

Laci Ekoniak, Feature Writer

When did you first work at the high school?

Mr. Slepski: I was a student teacher at the high school in the spring of 1993. I taught Health and P.E. 

Why did you leave the high school to go to the middle school?

Mr. Slepski: There were not many openings in health or P.E. In the Struthers district, so I subbed for a year, then I was hired by St. Charles School in Boardman. That following year, Coach Fuline was hired to be the high school principal. That opened up a job at the middle school. That was where I have been since. 

Why’d you decide to come back to the high school?

Mr. Slepski: I spent half of my life at the middle school and felt I was ready for a change. I enjoyed every year at the middle school.

Has your return to the high school been good so far?

Mr. Slepski: Yes, so far it has been great! It has been a big adjustment dealing with the different age groups. The students are a lot more mature, so I had to change the way I was teaching to deal with older students.

What classes do you teach here?

Mr. Slepski: I teach Health and P.E. classes.

Do you plan on staying at the high school?

Mr. Slepski: I plan on staying here until I retire. 

Do you prefer the high school or the middle school?

Mr. Slepski: There are great things about both. I do miss the staff that I had formed strong relationships with over the last 27 years.