Brooke Adams

Mrs. Weitzman is the counselor for students with last names M-Z.

Gianna Cannon, Feature Writer

Mrs. Weitzman has been a Guidance Counselor at Struthers High School for the last four years. 

After graduating from Struthers, Weitzman went on to receive her teaching degree from Youngstown State University. 

During her journey as a student, Weitzman gained some important knowledge.

“One thing I learned is that my success in anything is solely dependent on me.  I am the only one that can ultimately make myself succeed or fail based on choices I make,” says Weitzman. 

While she taught for 26 years at Struthers Middle School, the former teacher also discovered a second career path; she gained her counseling certificate from Westminster College. While she misses teaching, Weitzman also loves her current job.

Because she has always enjoyed helping others, Weitzman was inspired to take her next steps in becoming a guidance counselor.

“As I taught, I noticed that I also really enjoyed talking to and helping my students through things other than academics,” says the Struthers alumni. 

One of the guidance counselor’s favorite things about her line of work is getting to know her students and being a resource for them in whatever they may need. Along with her title as one of the high school counselors, Weitzman is also the Advanced Placement Coordinator. 

Weitzman elaborates on her AP duties and provides a brief explanation about the courses.

“AP courses are designed to challenge the same way college credit plus courses are. The difference is in order to receive college credit for an AP course the students must score a 3, 4, or 5 on the AP exam given at the end of the course. If a student wants to challenge him/herself or if he/she plans on attending an out of state college/university, AP is the way to go,” says Weitzman. 

In terms of what she wishes to accomplish in her career, Weitzman hopes to ensure that every student has the resources available to them in their personal and academic lives.