Brooke Adams

Katelyn Kimble, sophomore, was happy with how the soccer team played this year.

Natalie Burosky, Feature Writer

Sophomore Katelyn Kimble plays soccer at Struthers High School. 

Kimble plays either midfield or striker but always constantly keeps herself moving. 

Getting the chance to be on the field with her teammates and making the best out of her high school years is her favorite thing. 

“My favorite part probably is getting to play with my team and making memories,” says Kimble.  

For 12 years, Kimble has been working hard to better herself at this sport. She has had many accomplishments and goals that were achieved. 

Kimble always thinks back to her younger self and the dreams she had as a kid to be where she is now. 

“Something that inspires me on the field is thinking about younger me and how bad we wanted to play high school soccer,” says Kimble. 

This season Kimble and her team have stepped up and had a better record than the previous years. The future looks bright for this team. 

Next season has a lot of promise for this team, and they have a big chance of going far into the playoffs. 

“The upcoming season should be our year. We have a very solid team that I feel could go far,” says Kimble.