Brooke Adams

Isabella Sahli is making the most of her freshman year.

Elena Bullen, Feature Writer

Isabella Sahli is a freshman who plays soccer, basketball and track at Struthers High School. 

Sahli has been playing in the soccer rec league since she was five. She plays right-side defender. 

Freshman’s first year of high school soccer was a fun experience. She was a starter as a freshman and met many new people. 

“My first year was so much fun. I met so many new people, became a starter and got to have a lot of experiences that I probably would never have if I didn’t join,” says Sahli.

The student-athlete has 3 more years to come playing soccer in high school.

Lettering in sports is always a goal for anyone who plays. Sahli hopes to continue to play with the amazing team she has been with.  

“I’m looking forward to hopefully lettering for the next few years and getting to improve as a team with the girls I’m currently playing with,” says the soccer player.

The transition from middle school to high school is always different for many people, but Sahli enjoys high school much more. 

Making new friends in high school is great for new coming freshmen. In high school, you are treated very differently by students and teachers. 

“The biggest difference between high school and middle school is definitely the level of respect teachers treat their students with. I feel like my own person with opinions instead of just a little kid that’s looked down on,” says Sahli.