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Adin Nicholas, Sports Writer

LSU tackles their way through The Clemson Tigers as the Nation Sports Championship game is at stake.

The LSU Tigers defeated the Clemson Tigers at a high final score of 42-25.

The Clemson Tigers took a hard loss in a good game.

They put up a good fight against the challenging LSU Tigers.

”It was a very fun game to watch,” says LSU’s Head Coach Ed Orgeron.

As LSU and Clemson start the game, we see LSU takes a huge leap of faith as Clemson stays as the underdog.

The game strides to a tie after the first quarter.

“How ’bout them Tigers, man? I’m so proud of our guys,” says Clemson Head Coach Dabo Swinney.

LSU took a huge turnover by the end of the second quarter after being down by 10 points.

Joe Burrow slammed a hard pass into the endzone giving LSU one more step in the lead at the end of the second quarter.

“This is an incredible moment for our program, for Baton Rouge and for Louisiana,” says Burrow.

LSU with their slow start was able to keep their battle going through all 4 quarters, keeping this breathtaking game going to end it off with a chilling win by LSU.

“I grew up wanting to be the head coach at LSU, I’m so proud of our guys,” says Coach Orgeron.