Image Courtesy of Sportsmole.co.uk

Image Courtesy of Sportsmole.co.uk

Kendis MacLeod, Sports Writer

The Buffalo Bills have come into the season only losing one game, which was to the Miami Dolphins.

The Bills have started their season off great with a positive record. This is important towards their season because the better their record, the better position they will be in the playoffs.

Buffalo is doing amazing this season. The Bills have been able to pull away with a win out of the 5 of 6 games without 6 of their defensive starters.

“We’ve had a number of guys miss games, and I thought that guys did a great job of just being resilient. The guys that were called upon to play, were prepared and did a good job there, and that’s a credit to our coaches as well for having them ready to go,” says the head coach.

The Bills also have one of the best defenses in the NFL. They also have a top five offense in the NFL, while having a tough schedule against statistically good teams.

They also added an additional player to their defense that impacts their defense positively. Von Miller played for the superbowl winners of last year, the L.A Rams.

“Buffalo’s four-man defensive front goes nine deep and can stop the run and rush the passer without much need for blitz help. The Bills are seventh in sacks per play and Von Miller has been as good as advertised with six sacks in his first six games,” says Chris Brown, a sports analyst.

The Bills are at the top of their division and have been having a great season so far.

Many people have projected them to be a Super Bowl team this year.

“With a rebuilding AFC East, the Bills are almost a certain lock for the playoffs and the clear front-runner for home field in January, which will make them a tough out for any visiting team,” says Caesars Sportsbook Vice President of trading Craig Mucklow.