Matthew McConahy, Sports Writer

The Guardians were sent home after an upset loss against the New York Yankees.

Cleveland was fighting to play in the League Championship game against the Houston
Astros but ended up losing 5-1.

During the pre-game, Terry Francona gave a statement that would stick with a lot of fans for a long time.

“When we lose, we bleed and we aren’t here to bleed, we are here to win and show everyone that we got what it takes,” says Francona.

The Guardians is the youngest team in the MLB with a great rookie Oscar Gonzalez.

Gonzalez is happy with this young team because he says they can all grow together.

“Being such a young team can come some devastating things like losing tonight. We might have lost but we are young and we will be able to grow and get better. Hopefully we get back here next year,” says Gonzalez.

The Cleveland Guardians lost Tuesday, October 18 with a score of 5-1 and hope they can get back there next year.