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Aaron Rogers is the QB for the Green Bay Packers.

Caleb Isenberg, Sports Writer

The Green Bay Packers had a decent start to their 3-3 season.

The Packers took a loss in their last game losing 27-10 to the New York Jets.

After losing their last game, they want redemption.

“We have to have that urgency to want to improve,” says Head Coach Matt LaFleur.

Randall Cobb, one of their best receivers, got injured, possibly breaking his ankle.

The Packers can’t escape an injury this season.

“Cobb felt he might’ve broken his ankle, potentially ending his career,” says Rodgers.

Green Bay couldn’t stop their run plays, allowing the Jets to burn six minutes off the clock.

With only the Jets running, the Packers couldn’t stop them.

“When everybody in the building knows you’re going to run the football and they’re able to do it, that’s a little bit discouraging,” says LaFleur.