Ava Croyle, sophomore, is the goalie for the soccer team.

Clare Coppola, Sports Writer

The Lady Cats Soccer team went to West Branch on Wednesday, October 19th for the second round of the playoffs.

The team unfortunately lost 0-10.

The Lady Cats went to West Branch to battle in the second round of the playoffs. The Lady Cats played a really good game, and Sophomore Ava Cryole was the goalie this past year and had some amazing saves.

Although Struthers has a great team and are bonded, everyone struggles with something in any sport they play.

“The hardest part about playing soccer this year was the mentality since I was the goalie it starts to feel like everything was my fault,” says Croyle.

Wednesday’s soccer game was the first time Struthers Lady Cats made it to the playoffs. This is a big deal for Struthers to be in the playoffs because it shows how well the Lady Cats can do if the team works together and has a strong bond and plays as one team.

Aleena Wagner, sophomore, thinks the team put out our best effort.

“Wednesday’s game was so important because we never won a playoff game, so even making it to the second round was really big for us. It was definitely a challenge obviously; you can tell by the score but we played hard,” says Wagner.

Even though Struthers soccer team is very strong and bonds well, every team can do something better; even if it’s one person working on something or the team as a whole, every team has challenges they face and overcome to be a stronger team as a whole and be the best.

Wagner believes there are things the team has to improve for next year.

“We definitely need to communicate more. We were really struggling out there with communicating but we really came better with that since last year so it’s definitely not as bad but it’s just when we get frustrated we don’t listen to each other and it gets bad out there,” says Wagner.