Dom Liptak, sophomore, had a successful football season.

Bryson Vince, Feature Writer

Dominic Liptak is a Sophomore at Struthers High School.

Liptak is having a lot of fun with the football season, and enjoys seeing friends again.

Liptak loves playing for his football team at Struthers. This year is his second year playing.

“The best part of the past week was playing our last JV football game,” says Liptak.

The hardest part of the last week for him was  waking up to come to school on Monday.

 “Big Dom,” as most of his friends call him, wants to be successful in school. He likes school this year

“Some goals that I have this school year are to get all A’s and to just enjoy my sophomore year,” says Player #73.

He wants to go to college, but he’s not sure where he wants to go. His top three options are Ohio State University, Youngstown State University or Kent State University.

The sophomore feels that one of his biggest challenges that he has to go through this year is giving up his personal time to go to football practice.

“My biggest challenge this year has been being able to commit to giving up a good portion of every day of the week but Sunday to practice and play football. In the end, it is definitely worth it because I am having fun at the same time,” says Liptak.

Liptaks favorite teacher is Mr. Bayuk because he is his football coach and has known him longer than the rest of his other teachers. He says he is funny, and he feels like he actually learns in his class.