Anthony Pastella,, freshman, likes all that the high school has to offer.

Gianna Taaffe, Feature Writer

As freshman Anthony Pastella steps into high school, he figures out his position to lead the freshmen Wildcats to victory.

Pastella is the starting freshman quarterback who has high hopes for his season and his future.

As the Wildcats are midway through the season, the freshmen boys record is 2-0 and Pastella continues his stride to keep this lead.

”I want to help the team by not frustrating them, by keeping them calm and out of their heads,” says Pastella. 

Quarterback Pastella also throws with the junior varsity and varsity boys on Friday nights.

As times get hard with keeping the team one, Pastella continues to step  into his big role and pushes to keep the team together.

“I want to continue my football career after high school, so no matter what, I keep a positive mindset to keep the team one,” says the freshman. 

Last year, the starter played for the Struthers Middle School Wildcats, but he was ready to step into high school to start playing how he wants.

When Player #18 walked into highschool, it was a whole new environment: the rush of Friday night lights, the adrenaline on the field before the games and a whole new start.

“Playing in middle school is a lot less intense compared to high school. High school games are a lot of fun, playing under the lights. It is definitely a lot more intense and it can for sure get more frustrating at times,” says the high school newcomer. 

He has many hopes and goals he wants to accomplish like being “Big Dog 22.” Pastella knows what he wants and how he wants to execute it. His high school years are just starting and he continues to keep his path going.